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Professional Scrum Foundation ™ (PSF) Training, Certification Courses

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Professional Scrum Foundations™ (PSF) is a course that would continue for 2 days. This course, from would provide foundational knowledge that one requires to be equipped with for practically working with Scrum. The course is an amalgamation of team oriented activities and instruction where students get to know the ways and processes by the Scrum framework improves product development.

Target audience

This course is ideal for teams and those who would like to imbibe Scrum. It would lay the ideal knowledge foundation required for Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Developers.

Course details

In the stipulated 2 days of the course, participants are introduced to the various mechanics of Scrum. The other highlights of the course include:

·         Insights into overcoming complexity

·         Knowing how to deal with team based collaboration

·         Self-organization as essentials for achieving mastery in Scrum

Participants are taught about team work in a series of Sprints, building software application and how to face real-life problems. Details of Scrum like roles, principles and mechanics of Scrum are taught during the course. Special emphasis is placed on points like the practical application of Scrum, the common misunderstandings and wrong steps that people often take while in tricky situations. Participants are taught how to deal with these types of situations, inculcate higher awareness and act accordingly. PSF provides prescriptive guidance to maintain a healthy Scrum and prevent users from going off the track.

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