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Professional Scrum Developer ™ (PSD) Training, Certification Courses

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Professional Scrum Developers belong to the Scrum Development Team. They possess and demonstrate sufficient understanding and knowledge of Scrum for developing software by using the   Scrum principles in the practical world. The participant’s knowledge is the single and true criteria for evaluation. It is sole because of this reason that the PSD assessments are more valuable than the other available alternatives for Scrum. For maintaining the value of Scrum, frequent inspections are carried out.

Course details

A Professional Scrum training class is not mandatory for appearing in the Scrum - assessments - though it is highly recommended. Taking a Professional Scrum Developer training class sets the right note for the certification- it is to show that you have actually participated in the Scrum class, which is so highly regarded.  Assessments are for those who are capable of demonstrating their comprehension of a Scrum Developer’s role in detail.  Each training class includes a free attempt for the corresponding assessment.


The PSD assessment has its’ roots in the Professional Scrum Developer subject areas. The assessment for the respective course is both rigorous and exhaustive. The questionnaire is such that it asks participants to think and interpret meanings from the Scrum Guide, apply content from the typical subject areas, apply one’s own experiences etc. Successful candidates receive the accredited industry recognized PSD certification. 


This assessment is for professionals who wish to receive certification for their knowledge of developing and building complicated software products by using Scrum. They would receive industry recognized PSD Certification for able to demonstrate that they are the masters of their trade.

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