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Defining the concept of Management 3.0
Management 3.0 is being considered to be the future of management. It is a perfect mix of doing just the correct thing for the team by making use of all the talents available within to improve the existing system and inculcating employee engagement.

The changing scenario
All industries now are ready for change with regards to management and its techniques. Management 3.0 is similar to a massive wave- a wave consisting of leadership, path breaking innovation and of course management. It is re-inventing management by including leadership as a part of group responsibility. It is about working in tandem to devise the best way for achieving the goals for a business. This would be possible when employees understand that their happiness is important for the organization. These factors put together make Management 3.0.

Who is it for
Management 3.0 is all set to take the global management scenario by the storm and it is bringing together senior project managers, CEOs, entrepreneurs and mid-level managers. It is combining the brains of all levels of professionals to develop solutions, use games to ensure employee feedback and encourage collaboration between teams.

Theories and soft management science can no longer give the results that a hands on approach can. This is exactly what Management 3.0 gives- a way to build the future by combining active employee engagement with innovative approaches to achieve business goals.

There are workshops held for imparting training on Management 3.0. Usage of various management tools and techniques are taught besides challenging traditional thought processes.

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