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Kanban is a method through which managing and organizing of professional services becomes easy. It emphasizes on continuous delivery without overburdening the teams. It uses various concepts of Lean like controlling the work in progress for improved results. Similar to Scrum, Kanban is a process that has been designed to aide teams in working together more efficiently.

While Lean & Agile are philosophies, Kanban & Scrum are methodologies within those respective philosophies. Lean Kanban like or Agile Scrum has been of interest within IT development teams given the benefits of it’s application.

A Kanban system is also known as a “pull system” which means setting limits for the work-in-progress and providing the necessary signals when there is enough capacity start a fresh piece of work.

For service oriented work especially those performed by knowledge managers and the like, it is mandatory to visualize and understand the kanban system and for this, a kanban board is used. With the help of the board, one can with ease, understand workflow, the system, and the risks associated with the various businesses. Kanban facilitates the handling of complicated pieces of work and keep the workload within permissible limits.

There are three levels that a professional might choose basis the issues that one is trying to solve, the level that would be suitable for your organization, the type of experience that one already has with Kanban and the goals that one would like to achieve.
Here are the three levels:
1. Kanban Management level- this provides a path to achieve agility in the business. With this one can improve csat, quality and performance.
2. Enterprise service planning level- helps is achieving the strategic goals of an organization.
3. Programs for trainers, managers and coaches- Professional development for making professionals more effective and endorsing one’s skills and knowledge. It helps raise the level of expertise and be a part of the global community of professionals. It also helps you have a fresh perspective towards leadership. Programs in this level include Kanban Management Professional (KMP), Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) and Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT).

Lean Kanban is therefore helpful for bringing about evolutionary change in product development and career development besides bringing organization nearer to their goals. Our Lean Kanban training and certification programs are developed and delivered by experts certified by Lean Kanban University.

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