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ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Certified Coach (ICP-ACC) Training, Certification Courses

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An Agile Mentor or Coach plays a very crucial role in the Agile Teams, by mentoring and enabling the Agile teams to focus on the common goals by applying improved and the best practices within the Team. This way, the Coach bridges the gap between the team members by behaving as a Guide and nurture the mindsets of the Team members with the Agile-lean thinking to help the Team understand the roles and responsibilities of each individual working in the Agile environments.

In this workshop, the Participants will gain an opportunity to learn about the essential competencies needed to become a successful Agile Coach in order to handle the projects running in Agile environments. Sessions are handled by the successful Agile coaches, holding the real-time experience in the various IT industries. Participant will also learn the ways to identify and address the disputes and conflicts within the Teams in order to focus mainly on the Organizational goals to successfully deliver the Projects within the Timelines. Participant will also learn the ways to understand the Team’s development and ensure to maintain a positive curve on the Development Cycle within the Team.

Anyone with the basic understanding on working in Agile environments can join our workshop. After the successful completion of the course, Participant will be recognized as ICAgile Certified Professional –Agile Certified Coach (ICP-ACC). 

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