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Certified Agile Leadership Training, Certification Courses

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Scrum Alliance makes the Agile values and principles accessible to all leaders, irrespective of experience and education.  CAL or Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership program is a practice and education based program having the aim of developing the Agile leadership maturity and competency for increasing the efficiency of a leader in any complicated, uncertain or swiftly changing conditions.

CAL provides a well-designed framework for those education providers who want to build flexible programs for learning and provide a chalked out path for candidates to know that they are the recipients of experienced-based, top quality education. This program consists of an introduction to the journey and focus of Agile leaders along with an advanced, validated learning with practice.  

Target audience

This course is best suited for:

·         Middle management

·         Influencers who interact, support, and lead with Agile teams

·         Executives

·         Influential leaders of an organization

·         Leader who sponsor, request, or are actively involved with Agile adoption in their organization

Course objectives

Objectives of this course include:

·         Developing the Agile leadership, maturity and competency for increasing the effectiveness of leaders in an ever complicated and changing environment

·         Balancing critical factors like practice, education, and peer collaboration

·         Provide flexibility for those who are imparting education and participants

·         Provide multiple touch points for applying and deepening learning


This particular program focuses on certain points- for example, Agile leadership is vast and it does not have a shared definition or an understanding. Organizational agility cannot go above the agility levels of personal leadership agility in any organization.  Agile leadership is a continuous process of ongoing personal development and therefore cannot be mastered in a single training course.

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  • Certified Agile Leadership 1

    From January 01, 2022 00:00 until January 02, 2022 00:00
    • At: Can be conducted anywhere in India or World as per client need
    • Categories: Agile n Scrum - Certified Agile Leadership
    • Tags: Duration 2 Day, Corporate Training Module
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